The jam band from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Graham Low: Drums / Vocals

Nick Orr: Guitar / Vocals

Dan Schuler: Bass / Vocals


      Pajamas is the Ann Arbor, Michigan based trio that creates a unique blend of improvisational rock and funk music. Their creative sound is born from a cohesive musical relationship. Daniel Schuler provides the foundation on the bass guitar with Earth shattering slap bass lines and delicate harmonics, filling the spacious trio soundscape. Nicholas Orr's guitar playing soars, riding a sustained wave of melodic sensibility while also providing funky, rhythmic energy and intrigue. Graham Low keeps the engine running on the drum set with a flurry of technical grooves, ready to go off in any direction at a moments notice. All three members share vocal responsibilities creating rich harmonies and different lead vocals song to song.

      On the eve of Pajamas debut album "Onesie" the band has been performing regionally in the Midwest and beginning to create music for their follow-up release.